The essence of art should always have an element that pleases the viewer. One part of this element would be to give him not only support and rest in a hectic time, but also encouragement to look at himself and his environment from a different perspective. This perspective includes thinking about what happens to us outside of direct stimuli within all the moments, large and small, deep and shallow, dark and light, which are often barely perceptible but still real.


Each of your paintings shows a universe of such moments. Every single piece of your work reflects a big or a small experience that is done and translated in your unique way. You deal carefully with the experience and to capture the feelings on a canvas that gives a framework to your emotions and allows them to be transferred to the environment, who are the viewers of your art. I am fortunate to witness how the images surface miraculously from a white, emotionless, virgin canvas. The images are of almost unbelievable strength and energy. I always discover new, fascinating details that give me not only strength, but also inner calm and the quantum reflection that again brings me back on the road which I am to go along with you.


Dear Visitor,

I wish you a wonderful journey through the variety and expressiveness of the art of R. Li. And for you my dear husband I wish you, of course, success, as well as the strength and the energy to continue listening to your creative artist inside you and to express your thoughts and feelings in your unique way on a white canvas, thus giving life to it.


Your wife